Alto Saxophone - New

Yamaha - YAS-300AD

"Advantage" model, lacquered body and keys.

Yamaha - YAS-480

Lacquered body, lacquered keys, 62-style neck, front high F and F# keys.

Selmer - SAS280RB

Beautifully engraved black nickel over brass body, lacquered keys, high F# key, lightweight case.

Antigua - AS3220BQ

Black-Nickel body, Gold-Lacquered keys.

Antigua - AS4240AQ

Pro “Power Bell” Eb Alto Saxophone, Antique Brass Finish, Fully Ribbed Construction, Enlarged Bell Flare, Power-forged Keys.

Yamaha - YAS-62III

Lacquered body, lacquered keys.

Yamaha - YAS-875EX

"Custom" model, Lacquered body and keys, high F# key.

Selmer - AS-42

Selmer Paris neck & mpc, gold-lacquered body and keys, adjustable RH thumbrest, BAM case.

Antigua - AS6200VLQ

"Pro-One" model Ponzol-designed neck, "Trident" (triple) brace arms on low keys, G# pad lifter, gold-lacquer finish, compact backpack-style case.

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