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Del and Mike go to Morris Library

"Time for kids" reading program at the Morris Public Library this summer is "Read to the Rhythm." Most noons, they do a session where the kids (pre-K to 4th grade) come in and listen to a story, eat their sack lunches, and do crafts. The people at the library thought it would be appropriate for us to put on some sort of program for one of #ir noontime lunch get-togeters.

So, on Wednesday, after Sharon read "I Know a Young Fellow who Swallowed a Cello", Mike and Del brought an assortment of instruments in and did a little demonstration on how sound is made from # various musical families.#y also incorporated a little "petting zoo" where # kids could try out # different instruments. A good - and educational - time was had by all!

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Museum piano dolly/truck installation

We do get involved in some projects that are a little "off the beaten path" at Sarlettes Music. Last week, we delivered and installed a piano dolly/truck for the grand piano that sits in the lobby of the Stevens County Historical Society in Morris. While Del and 4 other sturdy men lifted the piano up, Mike had to crawl around on the floor (quite quickly, BTW) and align and fit the arms of the truck to position properly under the piano's legs. Nothing got dropped (much to Mike's approval), it fit well, and everyone was happy.

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"Music Ed Majors Roundtable"

Sarlettes Music sponsored the first annual "Music Ed Majors Roundtable" at Old No. 1 in Morris Wednesday evening. Employee Mike Odello organized and moderated a discussion group consisting of seven UMM music-ed majors, 1 person student teaching this semester, and 5 area band directors. The teachers invited were all fairly new to the trade, with experience ranging from first year to 3 or 4 years of teaching, so Mike thought that their “newness” to the vocation would be of benefit to the students. The session was originally set to run from 7 to 9 PM, but the discussions got so involved that things didn’t break up until well after 10. Many questions from the students regarding what to expect when new to the teaching field were answered and discussed by the teachers. Plus, many of the teachers exchanged ideas between themselves, and those discussions were interesting to the students as well.

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  • Mike Tuba presentation
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  • Small girl can fit into a Tuba
  • Small girl can fit into a Tuba
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Mike (w/tuba) at elem. school demonstration

Our Brass technician, Mike, went to the local elementary school to help show off some instruments and encourage the students to come to the concert Friday night.

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  • Emergency Repair Clinic
  • Emergency Repair Clinic

“Emergency Repair” Clinics

Every other year, Del and Mike give “emergency repair” clinics to the music-ed students at the University of Minnesota Morris. Here they are during last year’s (2015) session

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  • 200th Birthday celebration in honor of Adolphe Sax
  • 200th Birthday celebration in honor of Adolphe Sax

200th Birthday celebration in honor of Adolphe Sax

In November of 2014, we held a 200th Birthday celebration in honor of Adolphe Sax, inventor of the saxophone. As part of the festivities, we had a live band performing  right in the store. Here is ALT (the Almost Legit Trio) during their performance (Marty Sarlette – Del’s brother - on sax, employee Mike Odello on drums, and Zach Lies on guitar).

We even served appropriate cookies for the occasion, baked by our friend, customer (and area music teacher) Tammy Ragan.

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